Question about CO at Thumb Gusset

I am making cabled fingerless mittens using a free lionbrand pattern (Cashmere Arm Cosies). The pattern is knit flat then seamed, but I’m doing them with DPNs (because I’m not a fan of seaming). I have a question about casting on after placing the thumb sts on a holder. The pattern doesn’t say to do that, but since I’m doing them in the round, I don’t want a gap. My question is, how many do I cast on?

Before putting the sts on a holder the pattern says “Work in pattern to marker, remove marker, k1, place 14 sts on holder, k1…” I’m adding this because I didn’t know if how many thumb sts you have on the holder determines how many to cast on? (If that logic makes sense to anyone else :eyebrow2: ? )

Thanks :slight_smile:

Does the pattern say to CO sts, or are you just increasing with the M1s? I think the 14 sts might be the whole thumb. If you’re doing them in the round, you might be able to just pick up a few stitches if you need them.

The pattern doesn’t say to cast on any sts, but the pattern is for knitting flat and then sewing side and thumb seams. I figured if I cast on a couple sts after putting the 14 thumb sts aside I would prevent a big gap between the glove and the thumb. I figured I could do that, then when I go back to knit the thumb I could pick up the cast on sts too? (Like I said this logic might not make any sense - just in my own head :shifty: ) So I guess I am just wondering how do you figure out how many sts to CO to close the gap?

Instead of casting on beforehand, you can probably just pick up stitches when you’re ready to do the thumb. That way you’ll know exactly how many you need to fill in the gap.

Okay, thanks so much. I’ve been knitting for years now and this is the first time I’ve done mittens/gloves so I didn’t know if that step was needed or not. Now I just have to find the time to get them done :wink: