Question about Clapotis

I’m thinking about knitting this scarf – but I wonder if anyone can help me by clueing me in on how to pronounce the name and telling me what it means, if anything.

Is it CLAP-OH-TIS or maybe CLA-PO-TEE (I thought perhaps it was French) :shrug:

it’s the second one. you were right!

The word means something like `little ripples’ which is what it looks like on the purl side after you drop the stitches. The designer had intended it to be worn purl side as the RS to show off that effect.


Thanks, y’all! Now if someone asks me what I’m knitting I’ll have an intelligent response :smiley:

LOL I asked the same question when I knit mine, mainly because I didn’t want to walk around telling people I had the Clap :teehee:

I hope you enjoy working on this project as much as I did. Don’t give up on it. It’s time consuming, especially when you get to the straight repeats, but the end result is so worth it. :happydance: