Question About Circulars

[color=red][b]I bought a pair of Boye 29", 6.5 mm (10 1/2) needles to make a blanket … well aside from the fact that I was wanting to do kpkp and next row pkpk I did kpkp on ALL the rows till I realized “this doesn’t look like what I wanted” so I took it apart, fortunately only four rows were done … the stitches are very loose, it’s on Bernat Satin yarn so I think the needles might be slightly large … that’s ok, I can buy others!! :teehee:

I rather like the circulars because the project can lie in your lap rather than strain on your wrists by hanging there but the “cord” of the needles are very stiff … my question is, does this go away with use? or is there a better needle with a different type of cord that would be easier to maneuver?

I’ve just discovered a new yarn shop and they have so many lovely looking needles (if that is possible) … my daughter found some HUGE ones and wondered “what on earth do you use THOSE for?” … a very open poncho??? an air conditioned scarf? I saw bamboo ones too but they all seem to have this same type of plastic cord … just wonder what is easiest to use or if these will break in eventually.


Plastic cords tend to curl which I find immensly annoying. However if you are doing a large project like a blanket the weight of the it will eventually stop the curling.

The best circs that I’ve found are Addi Turbos, Denise and the new Options. The cords don’t curl on those at all in my experience.

You can also straighten out the cord somewhat by dipping it into very hot water, then lay them out straight as the cool. Doesn’t always work, but it helps.


the stiffness doesn’t go away really with the Boye needles. it is just the material that they use. Same goes for their interchangeable set. Jan is right, the best options for pliable needle cords are the Addis, Options, and Denise. Denise has a thicker cord though, so when you get down to the smaller sizes, the needle and the cord are about the same diameter so i can be a little more work getting your work around the cord. When you get to size 17 and above on Addis, the cord becomes a tube and I have seen people saying they had trouble with them coming apart, and I think they just look awkward!

The Boye needles are a bit stiff, yes, but they can unkink. I guess I thought Mrs Columbo was asking about the coil, not the stiffness.


I am using bamboo circs atm, and apart from the needing to straighten the cords, I find them nice to use.

I am HANGING out for a set of KP Options though…

i bought that exact pair–brand, size, cable length–all the same. i tell u it had to be one of the worst purchases i’ve ever made when it come to knitting supplies. the cable is soooo stiff, and it seems as if the stiches always got caught at the joint. :doh: i just felt like throwing them straight out of the window.

[color=red][b]Well I’m glad it’s not just ME … the cord is so stiff.

Yesterday I realized I don’t have enough yarn to finish a blanket I haven’t yet started LOL so I went back to Michael’s with those dreaded circulars and got a different color yarn and enough balls to do the blanket … also bought a set of Susan Bates metal 5.5cm 32 inch to attempt a poncho … the cords are ALMOST as bad … then (as if that wasn’t enough to start) I got a wooden set of Clover 16" 5.0’s but the cord on those are TERRIBLE … probably as stiff as the Boye ones … unfortunately I have not seen any of the three brands described here but maybe I need to go to a real yarn shop … I did see some circulars at this new shop I found but none in the size I needed … frankly they carried mostly straights … I plan to try Knitopia in White Rock today …


The Options ones mentioned are only available from Most yarn shops will carry Addi and Denise sets though. I have some older metal circulars that have thinner cords and they’re pretty flexible. But I recall they weren’t very sturdy, either.