Question about Circular needles

I have a question about choosing which length of circular needles to use.

If I want to do a pattern and I want to use my Denise set but NOT knit in the round how can I tell what length I should use to knit comfortably?

I own the Denise set and I just LOVE them. I’ve been using only them now for all my knitting. But when starting a few projects I had to change lengths a few times until I got to what I felt was a comfortable knit. Is there a “rule” as to how many stitches fits comfortably on a circular needle? I don’t think I’ve read this in any of my knitting books. Thanks so much!

Not that I’m aware of. It will all depend on what size garment you are making and what type of yarn you are using, (bulky, fingering etc.).

If anyone knows any better then I’m sure they will answer your question soon.

When I knit straight on circs, I use a needle length that’s considerably longer than the space the stitches take up, if possible. It makes it much easier to knit, in my opinion.

:smiley: With your Denises you can put the tab on the end of each cable and knit as if you are using 2 single points, too :wink: