Question about Circular Needle Project

I am trying to make a hat with a circular needle. Are there circular needles that have short lines or everyone is the same measurement? How do others connect their pieces? Thank you. Margie:knitting:

Do you mean the length of the wire connecting the needles? Yes, there are different lengths. I’m knitting now on a 16 inch and a 32 inch. I think there are 12 inch needles but all the hat patterns I’ve seen use double pointed needles.

Check out the video on Magic Loop Technique in the Advanced section of the View Videos tab. You can make anything knit in the round with this technique.

Most people use 16" long needles (that’s measured tip to tip, not just the cord), but I do hats on a 24" and use a one loop variation of the magic loop. You could try that one, or the full on Magic loop, no need to buy another needle.