Question about circular knitting

I’m kind of new to this (but I’m really enjoying it!) and I have a question…

Is it possible to knit a circle without using a circular needle? Can I make it as long as I want it to be and the weave the two ends together?

Also, I’m working on a pattern that I know is too advance for me, but I’m a very determined person. I have a question about it though.

It says " K24, m1, slip marker A, *k48, m1, slip marker A, rep to end of round."

I am not quite sure what m1 means. And is it possible to do this without the markers?

Last question…what does BI mean?

Thanks so much!

A m1 is an increase, check the videos on the Increases page. The markers are there to set apart the places you’re going to be making further increases. You don’t have to buy anything fancy, paper clips or another piece of yarn tied in a small loop will work.

You can knit a tube without circulars using the double knitting technique. Most of them show it with 2 colors, but it can be done with only one. You cast on an even number of stitches and k1, slip 1 on every row. On each row you knit the stitch that you slipped the row before and slip the one that was knit.

I don’t know about BI, how’s it used? BO is generally used to mean bind off or cast off the sts to finish an item so there aren’t any live sts remaining on the needle.

It says:

“BI, k to front seam marker, BI, slip marker, BI, k to end of round, BI.”

I was kind of wondering if it meant bind off, but I’m not sure.

Thank you very much! That was extremely helpful.

I think it’s some sort of increase that may be explained in the notes somewhere between the gauge and the cast on instructions. Do you have a picture of the item?

That is the link to the picture/pattern.

I started it last night and am working on the waistband right now. It’s coming along pretty good so far. I initially intended to go for the large side, but once I got started I decided to just do the small.

Thank you for all of your help!

Do you see at the top of the page, right after the descriptive paragraph, it says “notes”? Under that it says B1 is a “bar increase”, and how they want you to do it on either side of the marker. There is a video here under “increases” that demonstrates that. They want you to use 2 different color markers so that you can keep the portions of the pants distinct.

Oh it’s B1, not BI. A bar increase is sometimes the same as a kfb, sometimes like a M1. It should say which one it is in the notes.

What a cute pattern! I know my youngest would love these.

Ohhh…that makes sense now. I looked all over for what BI stood for – turns out I just can’t read. Haha

I might have more questions as I continue this project, but I am finding this site extremely helpful. Thanks again!