Question about Circs

I’m working on this pattern…a few rows in I changed from back and forth to working in the round :yay: SOOOO proud of myself that I could connect at all!!! ANYWAY…is it normal to have the st st wrap itself around the circs? I keep having to uncurl the piece from around the needle. It isn’t a prob so much but I want to know if I will always have this issue…I think you can see in this pic what I mean…or if it always does this you already know :teehee:
Oh the funky looking split in the back is where I hadn’t decided to work in the round yet…I’ll sew it up later:thumbsup:

Stockinette curls and because of the cord being thinner than the needles the sts aren’t as stretched out. So that may cause it to curl the way yours has. I haven’t had it happen that I noticed, but I don’t see that you’re doing anything wrong. The weight of the knit piece should prevent that as you go. Could be you’re using a smaller needle than the yarn likes, or you knit tight.

Might be the tight thing…I do seem to knit very tightly but i do seem to have loosened up a bit in the last few rows. This poor thing is gonna have such issues :knitting: