Question about child's sock on magic loop

I’m making this pattern:

I have done down to “Turning the heel:”

The pattern was written for one circ, but I am doing it by magic loop. I didn’t think that would make a difference, so when I got to “Making the heel” I had half of the stitches (26) on one needle and the remaining 26 on the other needle. That seems to have worked out okay, but I am confused about turning the heel. I think I should be using the same 26 stitches as I have been working, but I don’t understand how long I do those 4 rows. How do I know when all the heel stitches have been worked.Also, when I pick up 12 stitches for the instep am I correct that those 12 come from the other needleand are picked up by the needle with the heel stitches? I hope this makes sense. i’ve frogged this last part 3 times so far, and am so confused I’m not even sure if I’m asking the right questions.

Maybe this will help.

Thanks, Jane. I think my main probglem is in knowing when I’ve reached this point: Continue until all the heel sts have been worked. If I have 26 stitches on the needle when I purl 14 , do I ever work all of those 26 stitches? Seems to me that thee are 26 heel stitches and 26 instep stitches?

Admittedly, I’ve never done that particular type of sock, but here’s what I think they’re trying to say… See in the turning the heel instructions where it goes from k5 to p6 to k7 from line 2 to 4? The first line is getting you near the middle of the heel so that you can work short rows back and forth, going out little by little. If you continue the sequence, the next line would be p8 then k9, etc. Keep going in that fashion that until you can’t do anymore because you’ve gotten to the edges of the heel flap.

Jane, thank you so much. that is exactly what I needed to do. I guess I just neede the pattern to be a little more explicit. I’m afraid to interpret too much, because I tend to overthink things and get myself in trouble. Now I’ve gone too far the other way, I guess. Anyway, thanks again.