Question about changing colors

I am very new to knitting and I am making a scarf with wide color stripes. When I change colors at the end of a row, and tie on the new color, it gives me a row where the colors are intertwined. On the front side of the scarf it looks great, but on the back side you can see the mixed colors. Hope I’m explaining this okay. The stripes go across the short way, not the length of the scarf.
So there must be other ways to change colors where this doesn’t happen. What are my options? :??

Whenever you change colors, you see both colors on the purl side. There’s no way to change it.

I see. Is that considered acceptable knitting? Or should I make small sections and sew them all together? I don’t really like how it looks on the back side.

I’ve seen it referred to as the ‘dreaded purl bump’ and I don’t like it either, yet some patterns use it as a design feature. What you could do is knit your scarf in the round so all you will ever see is the knit side where the color changes look good. When you close the ends of the tube of knitting, you’ll have a double-thick, flat scarf.

okay. thanks. I guess i will finish this scarf first and maybe once I tie in the loose ends it will look okay. it’s a boucle yarn so it’s already pretty thick. but I will try my next one like you suggested!

Hi guys, haven’t posted in awhile. I’m in Australia visiting and its dang cold here! Making myself a striped scarf to take the chill out, and on the edges where I change colors its very lame - a long loop carried from one stripe to the next. I’m guessing I should tie it off each time?

Yeah, I’d say don’t carry the yarn up more than a couple rows and even then some people will do so in such a way as to make it lay against the side so it doesn’t have any loopy qualities.
Sorry it’s so cold…It’s 90 her in Fargo ND USA, people always think it’s always cold here…