Question about CD of videos


I think I’m going to buy the CD of all the videos on this website… but I’m just curious, it says over 150 videos… are there really 150 videos on this website? because I can’t find that many… Just wondering, because I’d like to have videos of the more advanced techniques and it seems there’s only a few on this website.

Thanks! ~Rheanna

I count 156…(the 70 videos linked on the “abbreviations exlained” page put it over the top) :wink:

yup i think that is where most people miss the videos…they don’t go look over there because the various books and patterns USUALLY say what the abbreviations mean. most don’t know there are videos there too. i certainly didn’t for about the first 2-3 weeks i was here.

:thinking: I didn’t know that :oops:

see look…dustina has been here since May and didn’t know!

my question on the CDs has always been whether there will be downloadable upgrades after more videos are made (i am guessing no but still curious ya know!)

it is the only thing that keeps me from buying them now…i keep thinking as soon as i do, a new updated version will come out! :wink:


Phew, I worried for a moment I might have counted wrong when y’all said you couldn’t find 150! LOL I do count the conti. and english seperately, since I had to shoot them seperately! But if the same video appears on two pages, that shouldn’t be counted twice. Julie, if that puts it under 150, let me know! I thought I had more than 156! :??

Oh! I did actually remove some videos at one point. I used to have some of the increases shown on the purling side. I can’t remember why I took them down. I think because I renamed the increases, and it was confusing. I should reshoot those though…

Brendajos, you can order upgrades later for $9 (using the same payment method through me that you did originally). I haven’t announced it, but that’s my policy.

Downloadable changes? Just come to the website, silly! :roflhard:

I know you probably have a ton of videos to make in prep for other things, Amy, but I would love to see that RT stitch in video at some point if you get some extra time - just to be sure I understand it.

I was wishing for it the morning I worked on my Marsupial Tote, but I didn’t want to seem demanding, or ungrateful for all of the wonderful videos we already have, by asking. :oops:

No hurry. Just wanted to put the request in somewhere that seemed more appropriate than anywhere else.

I discovered the abbreviations section videos the other day and now I’m in heaven!

I was totally intimidated by “yo” and “k2tog” and all of that… really once you can see someone doing it it’s SO much simpler.

i know i know but i want it alllllllllll ya know! :rollseyes:

:rofling: :rofling:

I have heard several people saying that they “downloaded” the videos. How do they do that? Do they stay on your computer for later use?

right-click, choose “save target as”, re-name it if you wish, and click “save”. :thumbsup:


Wish I’d known that a couple of weeks ago when the internet was down and I was confused.

I’ve got to order the CD; I want to see the full intarsia and sock videos…Plus, I’ll be supporting the site! I practically live here, so I guess it’s time I pay “rent” :smiley:

Welcome and I love your screen name knithappens!

Does this save the actual video or just the link that you still need the internet for? The reason I asked is that our internet went out and we just got it back after 2 weeks. We have satellite now so I can actually see the videos. With dial-up I couldn’t even watch them. I just can’t find the money for the cd, I have been trying for over a year now to get it. I asked for it for Christmas, but I need a coat so the coat wins. The satellite internet is paid for by the kids’ school. I wish I could get them to pay for the cd as art or something, but no such luck (I tried :lol:) So anyway, I was wondering if it put the link or the video on the computer. Thank you so much for your help.

Nope - it saves the whole video.

Thank you soooo much.

ohhh there’s the rest of the videos… :slight_smile: thanks everyone!

Amy, just out of curiosity, are you making a new “upgraded” CD anytime soon? or did I misunderstand something…

Thanks for the hard work - it truly is helpful to us “novices” to see the knitting firsthand… what a great website!

And thanks for the welcome! I’ve actually been visiting this website off and on for some time now… I love it!

~Rheanna (my real name) :thumbsup: