Question about cast on row

I’ve tried a couple different cast ons and the one that seems the “neatest” is the long tail. I’ve read that the cast on row (for long tail)counts as the first knitting row. So does that mean that when knitting a border of 3 rows of knit stitches I really only need to do two?

There is some minor debate about whether or not the cast on row counts as a row. I never count it and I’ve never seen a pattern call for it to be counted as a row. I believe the assumption is that the cast-on row is just that–your cast-on, and that row one is the first row you knit.

i never count the cast on as a row and it has never been a problem for me

The long tail is the only cast on that counts as the 1st knit row as far as I know. I use it for my 1st row with most patterns :wink:

It undoubtedly works both ways :smiley: I love knitting :wink:

Personally, I only count it if I’m knitting in stockinette (because it creates a knit row…I purl the next row after cast on)…otherwise I just start the pattern instructions with the next row as Row 1.

Okay, sounds good! I just wasn’t sure. Thanks!