Question about cardigan sweater again!

I have posted before with a question on this cardigan and here I go again. I have only ever done top down sweaters before.

I am doing the right and left fronts now…doing the left now and the pattern says increase rows…M1, I know how to M1, but I know they are left and right slanting…How do I know which to do, say when I am doing the left front? Sorry to sound so imcompetent… the increases are at the beginning of the row


[B]Tahki Yarns GARDEN VARIETY Cotton Classic 4th Edition[/B]

If it’s just at the beg of a row, and not at the end too, it probably doesn’t matter which way it slants. Making them slant is when you have ‘paired’ incs, like at both ends of the row for sleeves.

What a pretty pattern!