Question about buying a set of circular needles

I am just starting to get into using circular needles as opposed to DPNs. I was about to buy a set of Knit Picks nickle coated circulars when I realized I had no idea about cable lengths. Is it better to get a full set in a smaller size or a larger size? I sort of am hoping for a one-size fits all situation, but I’m guessing it isn’t so simple as having all sizes of needle in one cable length.

What do you all suggest?

Thank you.

it really depends on your projects.
and you probably want to do magic loop (instead of dpn?) then I guess 80 cm total is a good length ov various usage. Most of my needles are that length and they mostly fit.

the 60 cm ones fit well for doing a hat, though, at least until you get to the crown. so if hats are your thing, then the shorter versions save you the magic loop for most the journey.

but mostly… well, each length has its uses. 80 cm can get really bunched up when you put 500 stitches of thicker yarn on them as I had lately on a bolero edging. But well, I did survive, you know.

80 cm is my all-time remedy, just not always perfect. But a good point to start from.

If you’re going to buy the entire set it comes with 4 of the the two most used lengths for cables… the 24" and the 32". I use these more than any others.

You can also buy 40" and 60" separately as well as some fixed circulars. Trust me… you’ll want to buy more. The needle set is a great start, but if you like to have multiple projects… :lol:

Re: the 16in hat size… Learn magic loop and you won’t need them.

The cables come in a length that will make 24, 32, 40, 47 and 60" when the tips are screwed in. The 32" length seems the most versatile to me - long enough for shawls and small to mid blankets and doing magic loop for hats, mitts or sleeves; short enough for working narrower flat pieces and sweaters in the round. The full sets come with 2 each of the 24 [I]and[/I] 32" lengths, and I think you can buy an adapter to screw 2 cords together so you could also have a 47", 56 or 64" length. The try it set has 2 24" cords.

I have collected needles whenever I find a sale, and now I have enough to be able to knit anything. I like using dpns for socks, and for finishing hats, because I don’t like Magic Loop.

I have fixed circulars in 16 inch lengths and 24 inch lengths. The 16" are for hats, and the 24" are for everything else. I also have a few 40 inch circulars for making very large items. Some of my needles are metal, and some are nylon. I don’t like bamboo.

In addition, I have two sets of Denise Interchangeables, and one set of Boye interchangeables. But, I usually prefer using fixed circulars, so I don’t have to worry about the cables coming loose from the needle points while I’m knitting.

My advice to you would be to try different kinds of needles with different kinds of yarn, and see which ones you like. It would be a pity if you spent a lot of money on needles that don’t work for you. Good luck with your search!