Question about border

so I’ve officially finished the blanket part of my project I’m about to start the border and I was just wondering if you guys had any advice as to how many rows I should crochet onto it to make it a worthwhile and sturdy border. I was thinking between 3-5

I think you should do this…

set up row----
do a chain 1 single crochet(sc)(sometimes i do a double crochet), chain 1, skip a stitch, repeat to till you get to the corner.
Corner- sc, ch 1, sc, ch 1, sc, ch 1, all in the corner stitch.

then repeat all of that for the other sides and slip stitch in the begining ch 1.

this is where it gets easier cuz you can see the stitches your going to be using better.

next row–ch 1, sc, [B][I][U]going from left to right[/U][/I][/B], skip a stitch, sc, ch1 repeat to till you get to corner.
Corner–sc, ch1, sc, ch1, sc, ch1, all in the corner stitch.

repeat for remaining sides. slip stitch in ch1 of begining.

You just did the “crab stitch”, or “reverse single crochet” if my directions confuse you…you can look one of those names up.

I use this for most all of my blankets… it creates a rope like edging that is sturdy and beautiful…


what size hook would you recommend. I knit the blanket on size 8 needles

An I hook I think, so it’s not too tight, maybe an H if you can’t get the hook into the edge sts easily.