Question about basketweave pattern

Howdy all!

OK, I’m going to try to make this as short as possible. I’m starting a new pair of socks (Mountain Colors Knit Night Socks) and the pattern I have chosen says:

Row 1 and all odd rows: knit

 Sequence A: Rows 2-14 *K3, P3 rep from * to end of round
 Sequence B: Rows 2-14 *P3, K3 rep from * around

alternate between sequence A and sequence B until sock cuff measures 6"

OK, so I understand that I knit all the odd rows but I really don’t get what I’m supposed to do on the even ones. The picture isn’t good so I can’t really get a good look. Do I knit a row then do seq A then knit and then do seq B? That doesn’t seem to me to make a basketweave pattern. Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!!

Follow sequence A for 14 rows, then do sequence B for another 14 rows.

Thanks a bunch! I would never have thought to do that. I’ll post pics when they’re done!!