Question about armhole shaping

I’m knitting the simple seamless dress on Ravelry and I just made it to the armholes. I have followed the instructions through this point:

Next round: knit 41 ([B]50[/B],59) sts, Bo 8 ([B]10[/B], 12)sts, knit 37 ([B]45[/B],53) sts, Bo 8 ([B]10[/B], 12) sts.

The next round says:

Next round: Knit 37 ([B]45[/B], 53)sts, Co 20 ([B]28[/B],30) sts, knit 37 ([B]45[/B], 53)sts, Co 20 ([B]28[/B], 30)sts.

My question is If I knit 50 stitches on the first round, then knit 45 on the second round, I have 5 stitches left over. I have cast on the 28 stitches per the instructions, but when I start to knit again, do I knit those next five stitches or just jump over them and start knitting with next stitches after the bind off?

Ravelry page

Next round: knit 41 (50,59) sts, Bo 8 (10, 12
)sts,[B] knit 37 (45,53[/B]) sts, Bo 8 (10, 12) sts.
(Total 74 (90, 106) sts on needles)

Without working it I can’t be sure but I think the second set of knits should be 50 in your size. That would account for the 5 sts. I see in Comments someone else had a question about the correction and there’s no reply.

Ahh, I think you’re right. That would take care of the extra five stitches. I thought it looked funny but I’ve never worked an armhole before so I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to look like.

Don’t just take my word for it. I could easily be wrong. Try it that way if you want but don’t be surprised if someone else has a different take on it that will work out better.

It’s a cute dress. I have some yarn I could use up making one in stripes. I’ll see what your solution to the 5 stitch problem is first. :slight_smile:

Lol, no, it worked out like you said. I didn’t pay attention to the update that she put out. Evidently, in round 1 I was supposed to knit 45 instead of 50 stitches, so that would make the directions for round 2 correct: knit 45, co 28, knit 45, co 28.

However, since I had already knit the 50 stitches in round 1, I just knitted to the bind off point, cast on 28 stitches and knit to the next bind off. My numbers don’t add up exactly but I’ll keep that in mind when I do the decreases coming up.

Lesson learned: Always look to see if you’re following the most recent instructions, if updates are available!

Thanks for the info. I got the downloaded pattern just today so maybe what I was looking at wasn’t the same as yours. I have some pastels that I think I can use up in this.