Question about animal pattens

I saved this link from one of the threads here.

My question: Anyone has instructions of how to make these kind of patterns? I know I am too far ahead of myself, but I would like to make my toddler dd a sweater with the 2 kittie patterns on.

Please help ! :XX:

Nobody knows?

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

It depends on what you want to make with them. If you want it to put it on the front of a sweater, for example, you will need to make sure that the stitch count of the chart you want to do is appropriate for the pattern; so that it’s not lost in the middle, or hiding under the arms. You simply follow the chart, doing one stitch for every box in the chart, and changing colours as appropriate.

So if for a one stitch of different color, you just change the yarn for that one stitch?

If it’s only a single stitch, here and there, I would use duplicate stich for those. But for areas with several stitches, I would change the yarn.

Sounds good. Thanks !

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

Check out Amy’s video on intarsia, and this site has lots of information on it, too.

thanks ! I’ll check Amy’s video when I get a chance, but the link looks good too.