Question about Anemoi Mitten pattern

I have two pattern questions. I am at the part where the thumb is separated from the rest of the mitten. My first question is this direction: [B]Work one row even as set.[/B] Does this mean to just follow the pattern this next row?
Then it says to slip the thumb gore stitches to scrap yarn and “[B]CO 1 st over held sts”[/B]. I don’t even have an idea for what this might mean! Merry Christmas and thanks in advance to anyone who can help! Sjr

:thumbsup: Yep, you should continue to work the pattern that you have established…

For the thumb part it wants you to move your thumb sts to a piece of scrap yarn…this will hold the thumb stitches till later…you will go back and work just them after you finish the mitten… the co 1 is to close the gap that removing the thumb sts will cause…You can use a backward loop although some prefer a cable cast on…Amy’s videos for cast on are here

:happydance: Can’t wait to see them!!

I don’t understand how to CO1 [B]over [/B]the held sts. Where does the over part come in?

When you take the thumb sts off the needle and place them on the extra yarn…you will have a gap…between the needle holding the working yarn and the needle with the sts that need to still be worked…the cast on will help close that gap so you can continue knitting…:happydance:

have you gotten to the point of cast on 1? If not when you see the gap you might see how it fits in…:thumbsup: