Question about an increase

I’m a beginner knitter and I’m planning on trying my hand at this:

felted cat bed

In the instructions it says this:

“increasing by knitting into the front and back of each stitch”

I understand about increases from watching the videos on this site. However, which increase should I use here? This part about “front and back of each stich” is throwing me a bit.

Each stitch has a front and back `leg’. You normally knit only into the front leg; to increase you’d also knit into the back leg without taking the stitch off the needle. It’s shown in an increase video also called the bar increase.


Thank you for the video information. I watched it and I think I understand what I need to do.

However, I went out yesterday looking for 8mm double pointed needles and I couldn’t find any. The largest I found was 5mm. I was told that there isn’t much of a demand for 8mm double pointed needles.

So, I watched the video about Magic Loop knitting and I’ve been trying it. But, the instructions for this felted cat bed say that I should use double pointed needles. I’m a beginner and now the only way I can make this cat bed is to use Magic Loop knitting instead.

[B][I]Can[/I][/B] I substitute Magic Loop knitting here?
If so, is there anything I need to do differently, or know?

Yes you can make it using ML. The only thing to watch is if it says to increase at the beginning or end of a needle. Put stitch markers on your circ where the ends of the dpns would be.

I am looking to increase in the front and back of the stitch to
form a ’ V ’ . But the pattern is like a rib stitch. How can I do that
without losing the pattern. Help is appreciated.


How does the pattern read, both the inc row and the ones before and after?