Question about aluminum needles

when i’m knitting with aluminum needles (which doesn’t happen very often), it doesn’t take long for my fingers to turn dark where they come in constant contact with the needles. i’ve also noticed that the color comes off the tips and along the sides. but i’ve never had a problem with them turning my yarn funny colors. could this happen eventually?

I used to use the colored aluminum needles, but found that the tips wore off, too. I was knitting something in a light color and found that they gray of the metal had discolored the yarn after I switched to a different needle and saw how much lighter the yarn was with them. I’m hooked on my Addi’s and Options now, but if I were to need to use aluminum ones again, I wouldn’t use them after they’d worn away.

i actually just bought the pair i’m using now. i didn’t have the right size circs for a hat, and i could only find them in aluminum. the color started wearing off a few rows in. i usually use bamboo, but now i don’t think i’m too crazy about them, either. i would like to get something like Options in the future when i can afford it.

I have a lot of aluminum and they definitely wear off. It can sometimes color the yarn slightly, especially very light colors of yarn. I just recently bought the Options set and love it, so I don’t have to use the aluminum anymore. They’re not my fave :frowning:

My objection to aluminum needles is that they have a sort of gritty texture. I prefer stainless steel or the wonderful options. You can afford options if you only buy the size you need and one set of cords(probably the 32") Tr5y um. you’ll love um.