Question about addi's on ebay (my best shop)

I was looking at the addi’s at Jeff’s store, and noticed that his say they are made by Selter, but addi’s are made by skacel…are these real addis? :??

Skacel is actually the distributor not the manufacturer. I LOVE buying from Jeff but not everybody has had the experience that I have. I have gotten all of my needles in a week and all but one have been in pristine condition. That one was not damaged in a way that is really discernable and makes no difference in my knitting. I have bought from him MANY times…all My addis come from him and i paid roughly half the price i would have paid at LYS. I will not buy from anybody else unless he stops selling.

This was on Knitter’s Review…

Nothing like dragging up an old thread…

Many people associate the name ‘Addi Turbo’ with the entire Addi line. The name ‘Turbo’ pertains only to the nickel plated circular line. Aside from the Turbo’s, Addi manufactures wooden, bamboo, aluminum, steel, and plastic knitting tools. Skacel only distributes the Addi collection. Therefore, if a knitting related tool bears our name and or logo, it is an authentic Addi product. We do not have our own line of needles or accessories.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion!

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Skacel Collection, Inc.
North American Distributor for:
Addi Turbo
Zitron Yarns
Schulana Yarns
Skacel Yarns

thanks so much!!!

Do you have a link to his store?

okay now i was posting earlier and my post disappeared while i was writing it and i didn’t have time to start again…lol

As I had said before, I have never had trouble with him at all but if you ask around (or even use the search function on here) you will find varying degrees of satisfaction. Every time I have ordered I have had mine within a week.

I would suggest checking his feedback and seeing how you feel about it. The vast majority of buyers have been happy but that doesn’t mean that those that aren’t didn’t have valid reasons to be.