Question about acrylic yarn

I searched around the forum , but couldn’t find an answer!

Does acrylic yarn melt easily? It’s because i have a skein of acrylic yarn left (i bought to make a hippo to my boyfriend) and since i live in a place where the weather is constantly hot (my weather is very similar to Thailand and Indonesia), there’s not a chance that i’ll do something that has a ‘warming’ purpose.

So, i’m planning to do a potholder (or a hot pad) to put on the kitchen (it’ll look fashion, a bright purple potholder) but i’m afraid it’ll melt! So, is there any chance it’ll happen easily?

I know if you put a lot of heat on acrylic it will sort of melt. It gets loose and flat and has no more spring left.

I use an acrylic knitted piece as a sort of pot holder but mainly to touch hot pans rather than place them on it, although I have and it didn’t just melt into wet, it just got super flat.

I wouldn’t recommend it for a pot holder, unless it is strictly a hand mitt. Maybe a placemat or coasters would work well?

I have acrylic potholders and never have a problem with melting (unless I leave it on a hot burner or near a flame). The melting temps are over 400 degrees, so most pot handles or pans from the over won’t be that hot.