Question about a star blanket pattern

I found this pattern and I absolutely love it. There is a thread on Craftster that inspired me to want to make this.

Obviously the pattern is crocheted. I don’t particularly like the way that crochet looks (it’s too thick to me, does that make sense or am I crazy?). Is there a way to translate this into a knitting pattern? Is there a website that shows which stitches are kind of equal?

Thank you guys ahead of time! I want to make ths blanket for my soon-to-be neice!! :muah:

I found this about converting crochet pattern to knitting.

I’ve always loved that pattern too! But I hate crocheting… it makes me through objects way too frequently. :rofl:

That’s a very simple pattern to crochet and it only comes out as thick as you want it to depending on the hook size and yarn you use.

I really need to set aside some time to take piccies of my FOs and WIPs as that’s one of them.

I’ve crocheted that blanket a few times. now I’m inspired to try to find a way to knit it. I know what I’ll be tinkering with during the kids nap times.