Question about a specific decrease

Hi all my helpful Forum friends!
I’m knitting a hat (Yours or mine pattern by Anne B Hanssen) and I don’t understand the instructions for the decreases. The abbrev. reads: sl2(as if to k2tog), k1, psso. The definition is: slip 2 sts as if to knit them together, knit one, pass the slipped sts over the knit st.
I’ve never done psso but did just find and watch a video. So my interpretation of this instruction is; slip 2 sts to my right needle (as if I were knitting them together), then knit the next stitch on my left needle, then pass the 2 slipped sts over that newly knit st as if I’m binding off?!? Can anyone confirm my interpretation? Or not?!
So it would be a double decrease

Yes, sounds right to me :smile:

Me, too. I have that pattern, but haven’t started it yet. It looks like it’ll be a popular one.

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I finished mine a couple of days ago and it IS a beautiful pattern!!

And I absolutely luv the green yarn I used😍


Gorgeous, very well done!

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Fab U louS :star_struck: :green_heart:

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Thank you both:) I love the look of Fair Isle knitting :heart_eyes::heartbeat: It has a fuzzy pompom on top now (see Whatcha knitting Jan. post)