QUestion about a row in a pattern

Please help me understand… I am very new to knitting and I am looking ahead at my next pattern to try and was hoping for some clarification on one row…

the row reads: *P 1, sl 1, rep from * across row.

can someone describe to me what this means exactly step by step…

I get the purl 1, slip 1 (assuming it would be from the left needle to the right needle?) but then i dont know what the next step would be

The pattern is a repetition of the directions betweem the asterisks. Thr row is purl 1, slip 1 (yes, from the left needle to the right needle), purl 1, slip 1, purl 1, slip 1, etc until you get to the end of the row. Good luck with the pattern and enjoy knitting!

The asterisk (*) generally denotes where a pattern repeat starts. In your case the pattern *P1, Sl 1 is the entire pattern, so purl 1, slip 1 all the way across like Salmonmac said.