Question about a pattern stitch

Can anyone tell me what pattern stitch is used in the cardi below?

(You can’t see this real well, but maybe it will look familiar to someone.)


It looks familiar. I’d say double yarn over (dyo) followed by k2tog, k2tog, ssk, ssk. something like that.
or just dyo, k2tog, ssk, repeat.
Maybe with crocheted picot or shell edge along the edges it seems.

or, to start from one end: ssk, k2tog, yo, yo, repeat.

Something like that.
On WS rows, when you come to the double yo, purl first yo, knit second yo I think…

Thank you so much, Blue!

I’ll give that a shot and post an update!

Maybe k1, yo, k2 together. This would probably be cast on in a multiple of three. The neckline is the same pattern just done with smaller needles. Try the pattern out on a small swatch and see what it looks like before you buy all that yarn and commit yourself.

Edit: That sweater is bugging me. The picture isn’t that great. It’s possible that this may have been knitted sideways. I’m thinking a dropped garter stitch. Knit two rows. Third row, knit every stitch by wrapping the yarn around the needle twice. Fourth row knit each stitch and drop the extra wraps. This is a pain in the behind to do but looks nice. Play around with the different patterns and see what you can come up with.

Could this Asynchronous Lace pattern be it? It’s really hard to tell without a more detailed picture.

I may be wrong, but that appears to be crocheted to me. It looks like what is called a shell stitch, make 2 double crochet, chain 2, 2dc again in the same st, make a certain number of chain, and repeat.

If you search vintage crochet patterns you might happen to spot it. I have viewed several of this type of site online.

Okay, I tried the stitches that Blue suggested. For the first one, I couldn’t get the increases/decreases to come out right.

The second one seemed to work better, but the little diamonds didn’t seem to be large enough–maybe it was the yarn I was using.

I’ll look at the other posts and see if anything looks good.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Lightning is spot on. It’s a crocheted shell stitch cardi worked in the round from the neck to the top of the armholes, then the body and arms are finished separately. A pretty summer topper!

It has been a while since I’ve worked these type of stitches in crochet, but I have crocheted since I was about 7 years of age, decades ago. If I guess correctly you start with one or no chains between the shell stitches at the neck. As you work downward the increases are made in the number of chain stitches between the shells. The shells themselves may even become larger by working them on larger needles or extra shell stitches or somehow worked into the pattern.

It is a pretty top. It was probably made from a cotton thread, but could be worked with a thin fingering yarn.

BTW- I did an online search and did not find it. Although, it might be included in one of the vintage booklets for sale on line. You could email a picture of the top to one or more of the sites that sell the booklets and ask them to scan their books for it. Perhaps you can find it that way.

If I have to make a guess I would say it’s the lacy openwork pattern:

ROW1: k1, *yo, p3tog, yo, k1; rep from * to end.
ROW2: p2tog, yo, k1, *p3tog, yo, k1, yo; rep from * to last 2 sts, p2tog.

Repeat these 2 rows.

Good luck!

Sorry, but it’s NOT crochet. I crochet, so I should know. Plus, it is advertised as a knitted top, so unless they’re in to false advertising . . . nyah, it’s knitted!

Thanks for the help with the knit stitches. This is on my to-do list, and I’ll get to it someday!