Question about a pattern instruction

I have a pattern instruction for a brimmed hat which says “Inc one st in first st, k30st & 60st.”

I know I should do an increase in the first stitch but do I do another at the end of the 60th stitch? I figured that, since the instruction broke up the stitches (30 & 60), I was supposed to do a second increase…either in the 31st stitch or the 60th stitch. Can anyone set me straight on this?

Does it say how many sts you would have? The name of the pattern or a link to it would also be helpful.

No, it does not say but given the rest of the instructions, I think I should be doing 2 increases in each row but I’m not clear on where the second increase goes.

I bought the pattern from Patternfish so I don’t think a link would work.

Well, sometimes just looking at the picture works. I forgot to ask how many sts you have. It may be you inc in the first stitch and halfway around.

I am so glad you said that because that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ll keep going and see what happens. Thank you for your help!