Question about a knit stitch

I was knitting at work and my co-worker said her grandma had taught her how to knit years ago but she didn’t know how to get it started. I brought in my ‘teaching kit’ and showed her how to cast on and do the knit stitch. The problem is that she wraps the stitch clockwise around the front. She’s going to bring in the scarf she made so I can show her how to bind off and then get her started on the purl stitch. Will the way she does her knit stitch impact how she should purl to get ss?

She’s originally from Argentina if anyone here recognizes this style of knitting.

Take a look at her results. Especially with the stockingette stitch. If her stitches look “twisted” [very likely - I did this with my knitting through my teenage years before realizing I was goofing.] then yes, she needs to re-think yarn-wrapping. But if her stitches look like everyone else’s, then hey. It’s her style. No problem.

That’s my take on it. The end result is what matters - not how you get there.


Working the Ks twisted usually results in tight sts (due to the short wrap). Can up the hand fatigue factor.


there are many ways to knit…

I too wrap “differently” --when making purls… and i compensate by wrapping differently when making knits!

In European style knitting the front leg of stitch is also closet to tip of needle
/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red]\ (red is front of needle)

[COLOR=Black]with eastern style knitting,
red is BACK of LOOP (and to prevent twisted stitches, you work into BACK of stitch (and to twist, you knit into front loop!)

with combo knitting, some stitches are mounted with leading (front leg) on the front of the needle, and some stitches are mounted with leading leg on back of needle (there is a combination of mounts!

to european knittings it looks as if some stitches are mounted wrong—but to us combo knitters, it doesn’t matter… we knit the stitch as it lays. (into front of loop or into the back of loop… what ever is needed to NOT TWIST the stitches
(unless. of course, we want a twisted stitch!)

MENTALLY-- keeping track of how to knit (into the front? into the back?) is harder.


(and in addition to wraps, there are also many styles of holding the yarn… many south americans form stitches by using their thumb to move the yarn… (see Andrea Wong and the wong way of knitting)