Question about a first "major" project

I am a brand new knitter. I have only knitted a scarf and 1/2!

I want to try this baby blanket, but it looks intimidating to me, even though the pattern says it’s “very easy”:

What do you think? I want to move on beyond scarves. Would this be a good first project for me?


It does look really easy. However, I crochet and I’m not sure what a “reverse single crochet” is. Off to look it up!

OK, I checked it out and it looks like you just single crochet in the opposite direction.

Here’s the link I found:

yeah that’s easy. it looks like it is essentially this design except bigger. you could try it on the washcloth to see if you like it and then go with the afghan.

Hi Karen! I think it would be easy for you. I just finished a lace foulard using the exact same process. It is a simple garter stitch (every row is knitted), and it’s knitted “on point” (from corner to corner). It looks beautiful! And if you need help, just post any questions! :heart:

You can do it!!! :cheering:

Amy has a video about how to knit in the front and back of a stitch if that will help you (I didn’t know to link to it here; sorry).

Thanks for your answers and encouragement!
Here is a dumb question…since I’ve only done scarves and nothing bigger than the length of the needle, how do you knit something this large? Karen

get a nice long circular needle…for a baby blanket…29-32 inches is probably good! :thumbsup:

Get the longest circular needle you can find.

If I may recommend, the Knitpicks Options come in sizes 4 to 17 and the cable sets go from 24-60", and each are available separately. The largest tip set is $5.99 and all the cable sets are $3.99 and each cable set includes 2 cables and 4 end buttons.

It’s not a dumb question at all! You would need to use a circular needle. Since the finished dimensions are 30" square, I would look for a circular needle probably a little bit longer than that to make sure it can stretch that width. Since you need size 9 needles, you’d look for a size 9 needle in say a 32" size (maybe even a little longer).

Here’s some help I found with knitting with circular needles:
How to knit with a circular needle: flat (not in the round)

Hello, I am trying to knit an afghan using circular needles. I am quite used to using straight knitting needles but thought since my project is a large one, I would try using circular needles. I cannot seem to figure out what to do once I am finished with one row as I do not want to connect the sides together.

A. Pretend the two ends of your circular needle are not connected at all, like you snipped the cord in the middle. It’s exactly like knitting with two straight needles, the needles swap hands at the end of the row.

If that still doesn’t make sense then read on, I’ll break it down:

After the stitches are cast on hold the full needle (with all the cast-on sts on it) in your left hand and put the empty needle in your right hand. Knit one row. Now you’re going to change hands, as if you were knitting with two straight needles. Put the full needle in your left hand and the empty needle in your right hand, and knit (or purl) another row.

At the end of every row just have the needles change hands so the empty needle is in your right hand.

If you put your knitting down at the end of a row and come back to it later remember to put the full needle in your left hand and the empty needle in your right.

oh and the video for knitting front and back is here. first column, scroll down to k1f&B.

Thanks to all of you for your help! I’ll be visiting the knitting shop Saturday to get what I need to start. Karen