Question about 3 needle bind off

ok i’m attempting to knit my first sweater and it calls for a three needle bind off at the shoulders. I understand how the 3 needle bind off works, but i’m confused as to which strand of yarn i used to DO the 3 needle bind off! If each shoulder (so 4 when counting back and front pieces) is using a separate ball of yarn, then when joining 2 shoulders together…there will be 2 strands of yarn! Ahhh the confusion starts! Which strand do i use to do the bind off? And what happens to the other strand of yarn?

I hope that this makes sense!
Pleeeeease help me ASAP!!

When you put the wrong sides together to do the BO, use the yarn end furthest away from you. (Make sure it’s long enough to do the bind off!) You’ll just have to weave in the other tail once you’re done.

The right sides should be together to do the 3 needle bo, or you’ll get the seam on the outside. I do’t think it really matters which yarn you use. I usually work from the neck out and grab whatever yarn is longest. If there are two there, I’ll use both for a couple of stitches to secure the extra one, continue with one and then weave in the end later.

:doh: You know Ingy, I was seeing right sides together and said “wrong” anyway! GAH!!!

Sorry Lillian!!!


I always have to go back and check to make sure I get my rights and lefts correct. :rollseyes:

I still can’t do right and left. Some kind of block or something in my brain. If dh tells me to turn left or look to my left, I actually have to pause and think about where that is. :rollseyes:

I believe the right/left confusion has been proven to belong to only extremely brilliant, creative people. :thinking:

Well, then that explains why you and I have it!


hey you guys, thanks for the help! i’m just about ready to use your great advice! thanks a million! :smiley:

Yes, yes! How true, how true!!!

When I’m riding with someone and they ask which way to turn, I always point and say “That way”!!!