Question about 2 socks on 2 circ

I went over Sheron’s tutorial but still couldn’t find where it says which needle knit into which. Do you knit with each circ needle into the yarns on itself, then when it’s done, pick up the other circ needle and do the same? Will there be a space between each join?

You knit with both ends of one needle, then with both ends of the other needle, if that makes sense. When you’re knitting, you’re using the same needle for one half row, then when you finish that half-row you go to the next needle.

Did becca answer your question?

Using one end of the needle knit the yarns on the other end of itself?

Whatever side you’re knitting, you use the needle on that side. When you go to the other side, switch needles. It’s like an assembly line :muah:

Thanks !!! I think I’ll get the hang of it once I get used to it :slight_smile: