Question 5 Hour Baby Pattern

I found this very cute baby sweater pattern, that I would like to tackle.
Here’s the website: (Please look under preemie patterns). My question is…is this sweater knitted with DPNs or single straight needles? I think it’s singles but, I want to be sure. I’m thinking about it for my next project. In preemie size.
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As far as I can tell, this sweater is not knit in the round - it is a cardigan so it has to be knit back and forth, but the sleeves aren’t knit in the round either because it mentions seaming the sleeves. Hope that helps.

if it is the cardigan (or the back zippered) version, you can (awkwardly) knit it on straight needles

it’s easier to knit on circ’s (but you treat the circs as if they were straight needles!)

and 5 hours is optimistic.

i knit pretty fast, and i find i need more than 5 hours (maybe i could a premmie one in 5 hours, but not a size 6 months…)

figure it to be 10 hours (2 hours an evening, its done in a week!)

its a pretty simple design, and makes an nice baby sweater.

Thank you both for your replies. I thought it was singles too but, I wanted to be sure before I began. I think I’ll use the circs, because it would be easier and I prefer to knit with them. I would never get the sweater done in 5 hours anyway…even though I’m a pretty fast knitter. But, first I’m working on a sweater for myself. xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
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