Questing about cableing

If the instructions say c6f that means I would slip 3 stitches onto my cable needle (does it matter how I insert the needle into those 3 stitches?) and let them fall forward in front of my work and then knit the next three stitches? Then knit those three stitches on the cable needle?

Is it normal that when knitting those 3 stitches off the cable needle the yarn is very tight and it’s pretty hard to knit? Is there a trick to avoiding this or is that just the way cabling is?

It’s the nature of the beast as you are manipulating the order of the stitches.

FWIW I slip the stitches onto the cable needle as they are so that they are not twisted as you will knit them as normal.

Yeah, you want to slip them purlwise onto the cable needle.

My last stitches on the cable are really tight as well. After you do the cables a few times you will get used to how wonky it feels.

the first time I did cables I thought “these stitches are too loose, the other ones are too tight… no way will this look good!” But it all came out looking OK. :slight_smile: