Query re knitting pattern - new to knitting

Hi im new to knitting and need some help please. The pattern says cast on 36 stitches and knit so many rows which is fine then it says knit 17 stitches turn and leave remaining 19 stitches on a length of yarn - does that mean cast off the 19 stitches - please

Hi Carol1965
Do you have a name or link to the pattern you are using? Could you post that for us. Usually it tells you to place the left over stitches on a stitch holder here you are telling us that it wants you to place the stitches on a length of yarn. Does it tell you at some point what to do with those 19 stitches?

Don’t cast off (or bind off) unless it says that. By holder they usually mean a length of yarn or an actual stitch holder. I just take a piece of yarn long enough it won’t slip out of the stitches and put it on a yarn needle and slip it through the unknit stitches.

Yes, a link would help.