Queen of Hearts pattern

Man, I gotta stop talking to my mom about knitting. She had mentioned that she had made a Queen of Hearts sweater a number of years ago. So I started thinking, ( not necessarily a good thing this late at night, it’s about 11:30pm here) Can I design a jacket with the Queen of Hearts playing card on the back? Well I found an image that I could use for the patterning, just have to clean it up a bit. But I am thinking as well to make a Ace of Hearts jacket for myself. (sigh) Guess I’ll get to work on hammering out the pattern, thinking possibly about making the heart in a raised stitch, through like cabling and what not. Though before I start crackin’ down on doing this, does anybody know of a pattern that exists already?

You know… on diy’s knitty gritty, they did a scarf with the hearts, spades, and so on… here

If you click on the pdf… it will open the chart for you with all of the symbols. I know it’s not a playing card pattern, but maybe you can work on it from there. Oh! And if you scroll down to the bottom, they even have a link to the graph paper you will need… so you can print it out and graph it yourself.

Maybe THIS will help get you started.

check this out too. Pic about halfway down.

Thank you, Kemp, that was precisely what I was looking for, that vest is the exact pattern my mom knitted so many years ago. And a thanks to you too, Aby, those patterns will probably help in the design.