Queen of Diamonds Gloves

has anybody tried this Knitpicks pattern?

I think its realy pretty and i would like to make some for myslef and for my aunty for Christmas but i have never done anything lacy before.

How difficiult is it? would i be daft to attempt both my first lace and my first pair of gloves at the same time? (and my first time using such tiny needles :oo:)

I knitted a lovely pair of Knucks gloves (from Knitty) for my sister about a year ago and I have to be brutally honest - I found it difficult.

I loved the end result though, and they looked great but I don’t think I ever want to go through that again.

BUT, you might find them easy and you will only know if you give them a go :lol:

Hope I haven’t put you off. :think: