Qiviut for my birthday

Woo-hoo! My twin brother and his wife gave me two balls of qiviut for our (I never get to say “my”) birthday and I am so excited! Has anyone ever knit with it and do you have any suggestions? Total yardage is 434. It is lace weight, but then maybe all qiviut is, I do not know.

This is a link to triangular shawl patterns sorted by the amount of yardage needed to make them.
You could also double the yarn and make a scarf.
Congratulations on a great score. I had camel hair yarn that took me decades to come up with a pattern worthy of it’s softness.

Oh wow you are so lucky!! Your twin loves you!! (Another twin right here! I’m identical though) I haven’t knitted with quivet yet. www.dreamweaveryarns.com used to have patterns for quivet but I’m not sure if they still do. Please review the yarn and tell us how it feels to work with and how it feels against the skin.

Man, that is way cool! I’d pop over to ralvery and see what others have made with it.

Be sure to let us know what you decide and show us your progress, too, if you can.

What a lucky woman you are! And what a nice brother you have!! I have been begging my husband to get a musk ox!:roflhard:

The holiday edition of Interweave has a great pattern for a scarf and beret. I am at work, so not sure how much yardage is needed. Swallowtail beautiful too, and does’nt require alot of yarn, laceweight goes a long way!!


Where are the photos? (smile) Is it pettable?

This book ARCTIC LACE has numerous patterns for Qiviut.

I have the book, and it is an excellent documentary about the Native Alaskan Knitters Co-op in Anchorage, which specifically supplies local (Palmer, AK) qiviut to native knitters, pays them for their works, and then resupplies them with more qiviut. These native knitters may live in very remote villages…and need to mail their works to the co-op. This co-op has helped many a native alaskan woman to support her family!

But, as I said, the author made the trip…and besides some great patterns…it is an excellent ‘read’!

I highly recommend it! :cheering:

AND, I am green with envy about your yarn! :waving: