Q: Why do you like to knit?

For me, I just started knitting a month ago… but I really love it because

  1. after MULTIPLE attempts…I CAN FINALLY DO IT.
  2. it is one of the most RELAXING activities I have ever discovered …great for when you can’t go to sleep
  3. it is quiet and doesn’t bother anyone else but keeps me very occupied and happy
  4. I think much clearer when I knit…???
  5. I love experimenting with the feel of different yarns as they run through my fingers.
  6. To me no gift is as personal as something someone made especially for me

For me, mainly because it’s relaxing and I enjoy doing something productive.

I like the fact that I can actually make something.
I like to give people knitted gifts and say "oh btw I made that"
I like to make things that I see in magazines, but really can’t afford.
I love to make pillows with designs on them that you can’t find in stores.
And best of all!!! I am so happy I can do something that my husband can’t :teehee: !

  1. It helps me keep my depression & anxiety in check (focus and relaxation)
  2. I get to make stuff
  3. I can’t take my sewing machine on the bus
  4. People think I’m very clever because I can knit


It makes me feel creative & it relaxes me.

I like it how I can make something for someone with love rather than buying something in the store.

I like being able to get creative.

Keeps me occupied a lot.

I like being able to make stuff to custom fit me without it being too big or too small…

I like all the pretty colors that you can choose from, along with the fibers and thickness of the yarns.

Mainly because it’s just so cool to take some string (sometimes some very nice. soft string) and have it turn into something useable/wearable. I’m not a creative person in the sense of writing or art, but my imagination runs amok on seeing a picture of something as I say “I could do that, like this…” ;D


I like it because I can actually do it! I am THE most UN-crafty person on this planet, so the fact that I can knit is absolutely amazing. :woot:

It’s a stress reliever
It keeps me from being too depressed about being dateless
I like being able to make something that is unique and that actually fits me
I like being able to do the same for my friends and family
It keeps boredom at bay when my social calendar has a lull

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. :heart: xxx :heart:

I guess what I love most is the whole creative aspect. I love being able to make things. Some day I’d love to try designing my own patterns.

I love the simplicity of knitting. I think it’s pretty amazing that you can create so many things with just yarn and two sticks!

I love the fact that it is practical – I can make things I will actually use.

I love the yarn – the way it feels, looks (the colors!), and even the way it smells!

I love the mechanics of knitting. I love the feel of the needles and yarn in my hands.

I love how relaxing it is. But, I love that it can be exciting too – trying new techniques, stitches, and patterns.

I love the fact that it is portable – you can knit almost anywhere!

I love being able to give gifts that I’ve made with my own hands.


Me too!!!


I also love knitting…here’s why…

I love to shop for yarn.

I feel creative when I finish a project.

People admire me that I can knit since most of my friends can’t/don’t.

I have arthritis in my back, hips and knees but it does NOT hurt me at all to knit. :muah:

Helps pass the time away for me.

I get to make my 3 yr. old gd pretty things.

I get to buy lots of wonderful books on knitting.

I find it very relaxing. :muah:

I love to knit because it’s body-work and not all brain-work, and being a university student, I need every opportunity I can get to do my work with my hands and leave my overworked brain out of it!
:hug: :cheering: :guyknitting: :yay: :clap: :happydancing:
But of course, there’s that happy side effect of having lots of yarn in my life. :rofling:

That is my number one fascination with knitting. I sometimes will look at a WIP while it’s on my needle and then look at the yarn that’s attached to it and just stare in wonder over the fact that this tiny little string is becoming this beautiful garment/afghan/etc. It’s just fascinating.

My number 2 reason is that it’s relaxing and at the same time stimulating to me. Kind of weird, huh? lol

Because the pain it causes my wrist is nothing compared to the pain sports cause my knee? :rofling:

Okay, seriously, I like it because it’s repetative, predictable, and monotonous. I know that sounds odd, but I really love things that are always the same. It’s comforting! Not that I only knit the same thing time after time, but it’s still all just the same basic stitches, even when they’re mixed up in new ways.

It’s relaxing, and I have something to show for my time in the end.

[color=blue]For me, I know it is a real destresser for me. I knit just to relax. usually it doesnt even amount to much. Suprising to many people, I love to frog knitting when I need to blow off some steam.

From [/color] :!!!: to :frog: to :sunny:

it’s facinating that this long piece of string can be a scarf or a sweater or a blanket or a purse and that im the one who can make it into that. its powerful.

ive never been an artist but ive always been a huge art fan. now i get to work with color and produce good results. just knitting with some of these saturated hues satisfies me. sometimes i dont really care what im knitting as much as what color and feel of hand im knitting with.

it calms my OCD nature as well as indulges in it. the repetitive nature along with the endless types of yarn and patterns gives me lots to obsess over, and then just sit and be calm doing the same thing over and over and over and over.

ive found that knitters are my favorite people, and i want to be around them more. :muah:

and i really like it when someone comes up and says “oh wow you can knit!” :blooby:

Having been a gamer and whiling hours away playing online computer games (and I mean HOURS and HOURS) I have nothing to show at the end of it to say I have a hobby. My boss and several other “normal” people think I’m a weirdo, some kind of freak because I have this weird “habit” with games. They think it is uneducational, it is isolating and unhealthy. At the end of the day I’ve made friends with people ALL over the globe, I’ve travelled to meet people I’ve met gaming and I’ve had people I’ve met gaming come to the UK and meet up for a raucous evening of fun and laughter.

But still, at the end of the time I have nothing to show for it.

With knitting - well I’ve only recently taken it back up after a 20 year gap.

My beloved gaming has suffered, it has been cast aside while I look at the intracacies of how things are put together in yarns from acyllic eyelash yarn (yes I started back knitting with the hardest possible yarn on earth but I was determined to make my mother a scarf), to the softest of cashmere and merino. How you can make things and then shrink them (without thinking of the horror stories of shrunken sweaters in the past) and watch as they go from giant unusual looking gnome shaped hats and transform magically into thick warm cosy clogs that fit on feet!

I am fascinated with the end products of knitting and I love that we can follow this weird set of dots and dashes in a chart, or language on a page that would make a non knitter go crosseyed and say “huh?” (think of SSK or K2tog, yo) to produce something warm, wearable and fabulous (even if it didn’t turn out like the pattern). What we do is art.

I don’t care that people think I’m some kind of kinky wierdo with some strange fetish when I talk about going to Folkestone in Kent to learn to spin (they instantly think of spinning as in the new fad in exercising on fixed bikes) and feel up sheep fleece. I can see them having visions of this overweight bird in lycra cycling shorts running round the countryside worrying sheep while she tries to feel them up. I can even see them looking at the headlines in The Sun newspaper “39 Year old Woman arrested in Kinky Sheep Worrying incident.”

OK sorry I’ve rambled too long in this post. The upshot is.

I like knitting cos it’s fun :wink: