Q on finishing off the baby hat

This is my first baby hat using 2 straight needles. I am done with knitting part following the instructions on the link below. In the end I am left with 17 stitches. Does that sound right - 17 stiches left to thread through the stitches and draw together or have I missed something? I looked up online how to do that and for baby hat they usually have 5-6 stitches left. There is apicture on the link if it helps. Thanks!



What a cute hat! I love the matching sweater for that. I’ve been looking for something like that to knit. Yes, I think drawing the yarn through all 17 stitches is a bit much. I would do one more row with maybe a k2 together all around.

Yes, 17sts is the correct number to end up with. I agree with FOLiPJs, try one more row of k2tog (9sts remaining) and then pull the yarn end through.

My next question may sound v silly but bear with me -Row 8 is purl.
Row 9 - k1, *k2tog - repeat till end. Then finish by threading thro stiches and draw together?

FOLiPJs - this is a lovely hat and i will post a pic after I am done - cant wait to show off my baby hat :wink:

Yes, that should work. If it seems like too many rows, you can slways decrease on the purl row by purling 2sts together. Congratulations on finishing and many more lovely knitting projects.