Q on Booga Bag and circulars...help!

I have decided to make a Booga Bag. :help: I went out and bought Noro Kureyon, bamboo circulars and bamboo DPN’s and now I am trying to cast on. In the instructions, it says to cast on 34 stitches on 10.5 circs then knit in the garter stitch for 34 rows. My problem is casting the stitches on the needles! :?? This is my first time with circs and I am unsure how to cast on. I am used to doing what I think is the long tail cast on but I have to hold the needle I am casting on to with my arm and the circs needle is too small? Am I missing something that is slapping me in the face?

Any and all help would really be appreciated!!

Debbie, trying to make a booga bag xxx

I haven’t knit a booga yet, but it’s on the list of projects to tackle soon. When you’re working with circs, the stitches will end up on the cable portion too, but they shouldn’t be too crowded (or too stretched out when you join to knit in the round). If you’re working back and forth on the circ, it’s not as big an issue. But it should be long enough for you to work with comfortably.

Circs 24" and 32" are pretty popular. Shorter 16" circs are used for smaller projects such as hats.

HTH! :smiley:

Debbie, you mean the solid part of the needle is too short, unlike straight needles? You may have to change the way you cast on a little bit. Hold the needle end in your hand and let the cable and other end dangle. It may take some practice so it’s easier; you might want to use some scrap yarn to play with it for a while.


The bottom of the Booga is knit back and forth. You use your circ when you cast on, but then knit back and forth for 34 rows. Then you’ll use the circ to pick up stitches and knit in the round.

Thank you for the replies. It took me a while to figure it out but now I am on my 12th row!:happydance: I look at it and just really hope that it will look like the picture though, I guess it looks small? Thank goodness my knitting class starts back up this week and I will be able to ask Jeanne (teacher) about actually knitting in the round. I have never seen it done so it is intimidating me right now, I am sure I will get it, I think that I learn better with visual help (note to self-be sure to check out Amy’s video before class).