Q. from "More Sensational Knitted Socks"

I just bought the book “More Sensational Knitted Socks” by Charlene Schurch yesterday. It’s good in that it’s one-step further than I am in my sock knitting at the moment, so it will be a good learning tool.

But I’m confused/unclear how to change colors in some of the socks. Specifically she has a group of patterns she calls ‘tesselated’. They are multi-colored socks with ‘blocky’ repeating patterns. What she doesn’t explain is how to carry/change the colors. Obviously you can’t start and cut yarn for each color change…some are only two stitches long. So do you carry/strand the unused colors along the inside of the sock as in ‘fair isle’ work? It would seem that your toes would get caught in the strands as you pull them on. Some of the patterns use a color and then that color is not used for the next six rows, requiring it to be carried ‘up’ six rounds. Do you loop it in with your working color so that it’s ‘locked down’? And then she has another group of patterns called ‘stranded’. They look different…more linear. But do you also carry/strand the unused colors on the inside?

Reading the book, I realize that I’m still at the point in my knitting where I need such things explained to me. She seems to assume that you know how to do these techniques.

So…anyone have the book and understand this? Or is my explanation clear enough that someone can give me an idea how to execute this?

Vic (the perpetual befuddled learner)

You would have to strand the yarn, especially for the two stitch groups you mentioned. When you do, however, make double sure to leave your strands nice and loose or you’ll end up like I did, with an unwearable sock!

I knitted up this cool looking argyle pattern only to find it wouldn’t go over my heel. :doh:I don’t think you’ll have to worry about hooking your toes on the strands, just be a little careful when you first slip the sock on and once your foot stretches it a little, the strands should tighten up so your toes won’t catch them. If you have to float more than 4-5 stitches, then you’ll need to twist the two different color yarns to “lock in” the strands, otherwise the first stitch you knit with the stranded color will go a little wonky.

As for the color changes six rows up, that you could snip the yarn and re-join six rows later if you wanted, but carrying up the six rows shouldn’t cause a problem since socks need to stretch more horizontally than vertically. HTH

I kinda suspected that. Nice, in a way, to know that my growing knit-instincts are not too far off.

Guess I’ll try a pattern and see how it goes.


(as in Victor…another male in the house)

I wondered about that, welcome!