Q for cloth diapering Moms/Dads

Have you used acrylic yarns to make longies/covers?

I am sensitive to wool, so I do not typically use it. But if wool is a lot better for covers than acrylic I might bite the bullet and have itchy hands for days.

The object of making covers of wool is to avoid using plastic pants. The wool wicks the moisture out of the diaper and helps it evaporate more rapidly helping to keep diaper rash at a minimum. If you’re just knitting them for cuteness, use plastic pants, or change the diaper often, then it doesn’t matter what kind of yarn you use.

Are you allergic to store bought wool only? Many people are actually allergic to the sizing they use to finish wool commercially. I suggest you visit a nearby sheep farm that sells wool and “feel” some of their non-dyed natural wool that has been washed. You may be surprised…

I would be very hesitant to use wool for anything a baby is going to wear. I know people do it all the time, but I am also very sensitive to any animal fiber and have been since I was a baby. My mother would try to have me wear these adorable outfits knitted by older relatives, and I’m told I would squirm and cry pitifully! I still can’t wear it-- and I’ve tried the “natural” wools too. I wouldn’t use pure cotton, as it gets very heavy. There maybe a cotton blend? Or how about the yarn “Wick” by SWTC? That might work very well.

Awesome, the first time in awhile that I log on, and a question I can answer!

Like PP said, acrylic won’t work a hoot on diapers; they’ll leak through like crazy. Are you sensitive to Merino as well? Merino works fine, and alpaca or any other animal fiber is worth a try. Qiviut soaker, anyone?

And wool works fine for babes;you lanolize the wool so it’s got that factor going for it. DS lurves his woolies!

One thing I’ve always wondered about soakers - can you use a superwash wool? It seems counter-productive to make soakers out of wool that needs to be hand-washed, soakers being an item that would need to be washed so often.

i am allergic to the fur itself… like i cant go up to a sheep and pet it

i have used acrylic instead of plastic pants and it does work… it just needs to be washed everytime unlike wool!

acrylic works as a soaker because it is essentially plastic and doesn’t absorb water. So as long as the knit is tight enough to prevent contact of the diaper and the outer clothing, it performs reasonably well as a water-resistant barrier.

Yes, you can use superwash wool. The reason that superwash doesn’t full is because all the little barbs naturally on wool (that grab and mesh with each other thus fulling or felting) are coated with something that keeps them from afore mentioned grabbing and meshing. The wool itself will still act as a moisture barrier by absorbing moisture and helping it to quickly evaporate.