Q abt joining body and sleeves on one needle for EZ sweater

So I’m knitting EZ’s Hurry Up Last Minute Sweater from Knitter’s Almanac, December.

She says to unite body and sleeves on one needle with some stitches set aside on pieces of yarn for the underarms.

What do I do with the tails of the yarn that I was knitting with on the sleeves? It will just…be…hanging there??? Do I just try to knit into the stitch it’s hanging from and then weave it in later?

Edited because I have vertigo ATM and not thinking clearly. It’s basically a sweater knit bottom up entirely in the round except for some weaving at the underarms. Typical EZ.

Yup. Just leave them there and weave them in later.

Great! Thank you. I had a horrible experience of vertigo and nausea last night. Ugh. Had to sit and think about my sweater instead of knitting it. I think it’s an inner ear thing from this bad cold I have.

:shock: :frowning: Hope you’re feeling better! When you mentioned vertigo earlier, I though it was more of a ‘spiritual’ vertigo. :wink: