Q about working yarn not connected to knitting

This probably seems like a silly question. I’ve actually been knitting while but haven’t had to do this yet and it’s really making my brain hurt!

I am knitting a pair of baby pants. I first knit the bum and I just bound off after finishing the first leg. I am about to start the next leg, and lastly I will do the crotch. So… since I have bound off, my working yarn is not connected to my knitting. How is the best way to connect the two again, as I start leg #2? I have about 48 stitches held on a stitch marker. I am about to tranfer them to a long circular to do magic loop. But how do I get my working yarn involved again?

Do I just do a slip knot onto the needle and weave the extra bit in? I have googled and searched many different knitting websites and just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

Please let me know if I need to clarify anything. Thanks so much if anyone can figure what I’m talking about and can help me!!

A picture would help, but here’s a couple thought… Did you BO at the end of a row instead of the beginning? Did you knit across the stitches and then put them on the stitch holder, or put them on the holder first and your yarn is at the other sided of where you need it to be?

Thanks so much for replying!

I BO at the end of a leg (so, the ankle). Now I have to start to second leg, up at the crotch. When I was dividing up the stiches for the leg#1/crotch/leg#2 I tranfered the stitches I wasn’t using right then on stitch holders. So now I have 46 stitches on a stich holder that need to be knit in magic loop. But my yarn is sitting in a ball, unconnected to my knitting. Ahhhh! How to get it back on my needle so that I may work with it?

I will try to get a photo to make myself more clear!

I’d just start knitting with it. Just like joining a new color/ball.

I prefer to have it attached somehow (otherwise it just falls of my knitting when I pull on it!!!). I like to tie it to a safety pin, attach the pin to my work, and then later I can just pull the pin right out to weave in the ends.

I make baby pants all the time (longies) and when I start the 2nd leg, I just loop the working yarn around the left needle and pull both ends thru on the first 1-2 stitches to hold it in place. The patterns I use always start the 2nd leg at the crotch gusset so any extra bulk in the 1 or 2 stitches is hidden (not at the front of the leg).