Q about Sensational Knitted Socks

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I have the book and am generally pleased with it. Lots of wonderful ideas, for sure.

However, if you’re looking for a specific toe-up pattern, I think there are none better than Wendy Johnson’s Generic Toe-Up sock pattern, which is featured on her blog, www.wendyknits.net . It’s the basic “recipe” from which you can add all sorts of stuff. Plus, the explanations about the short rows are quite excellent.

Toe up socks are the best! I learned to do them from
this tutorial

Just for the record----I have the new book pre-ordered too!! :teehee: Just today.

I went to B&N today to see if they had this and I didn’t see it at all :pout: I think I’m just going to order it and pre-order the new one from KP. Seeing how now I am LOVING making socks! :happydance:

What I liked most from SKS is the way using her heel flap technique improved the look of my gussets. Look at the way she slips stitches on the heel flap as opposed to the usual method. It has made a big difference in the neatness of my socks. :woohoo:

Jane… do you mean her heels with the garter edges?