Q about Sensational Knitted Socks

I’ve been planning on buying this book FOREVER, but just don’t have the cash flow when it’s convenient. But, can someone tell me if the book includes instructions for toe-up socks also? I’m planning on making a pair of sock’s for my mom, and thought I might give toe-up a shot. It may be a good excuse to buy the book! :teehee:

Yes it does. I have wanted to try this but I want to go back to a pair of booties I had knit that had you do a double knit thing instead of provincial cast on. Must look that up as I think the toe up can be done this way.

I don’t have the book handy (I’m at work :crying:), but I’m sure there are toe-up socks in there with short-row heels.

Use whatever excuse you need to buy this book - it is by far the best sock book I’ve seen (and I have a bunch of 'em). The patterns are written in such a way that you’ll really understand how they’re structured, and it’s a useful tool if you want to start designing your own patterns.


Does is include info about knitting argyle socks?

Nope didn’t see any.

Patterns it has listed:
4 stitch ribbing
5,6,8,12 stitch patterns
chevron for self striping yarn
fair isle
four-stitch reticulated

I looooove argyle. I need argyle socks now too!

OH poo. I wonder if there is a knitting sock book about argyles or traditional sock techniques.

Ang… I know Ive seen a couple of patterns for argyle socks on Knitting Pattern Central…

My DREAM sock book in Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. Some BEAUTIFUL patterns in there. And so many!!!

I resisted buying this book at first. I am a cheapskate and can’t stand buying patterns/books if I can get it online for free :oops: :teehee:

BUT… this is hands down the best sock book/pattern I have ever seen. It gives you so many options, 4/5 dpns, 2 circs, toe up, top down, patterns, heels, and she explains everything to a “t”. If I had never done a sock before, I probably could have done one with the help of this book alone. (I wasn’t a member here, bcs then of course I would have done Silver’s Sock Tutorial! ) You should buy it when you have the $! :slight_smile:

[color=indigo]I’m waiting for Sensational Socks to get here from KnitPicks and bought Folk Socks at the LYS. It’s got a lot of heels, toes, history and patterns based on different cultures. Including Highland Kilt Hose. There is a history section on the Argyle or Tartan socks.[/color]

I agree about SKS… while other sock books have awesome patterns, SKS really gives one a GREAT understanding of the “basic sock formula” and several different techniques, not to mention lots of “fixes” for common sock problems (top 'o the gusset holes, etc). I am now able to take any st pattern and design my own sock from it. I told the owners of Chix that I would only teach their sock class if this book was included in the class fee. Its THAT good.

There is a sequel to SKS coming out next month! I may have to preorder this. :cheering:

I knew this was coming, but – oh my – I can hardly wait! Only 1 more month!!!


I have to wait a whole month? :pout: :teehee:

Uh, can you say PRE-ORDER!!! You’ll still have to wait the month, but at least you’ll be among the first to get it. Let’s have a race…

Hmmm…when do I get paid again?! :teehee:

I told Chix with Stix I was QUITTING if they didnt pre-order this book! :teehee:

Pre-ordered it yesterday!

Pre-ordered it yesterday![/quote]

Well, you beat me as far as purchasing, but WHO will RECEIVE their’s first??? :teehee:

We’ll just have to see, now won’t we! :teehee: