Q. about Pattern Corrections

What do you do when you’re in the middle of knitting something and you can see an obvious error in the pattern, just one st, and you’ve checked online to see if the pattern really has an error and you find out it doesn’t?

Do I rip out the 2 rows and fix it or do as I’ve been taught to ‘trust the pattern’? I want to rip it out cause it looks goofy (only to a knitters eye anyway), but what if I’m wrong?? Am I wrong? Should I just be a rebel and do it my way? I’m almost positive it won’t screw up anything as it’s a repeat pattern.

Key word here: Almost. :teehee:

Any thoughts, comments, direction to give me?? :muah: Thanks!

If you think it’s wrong and your correction looks better to you then go for it. I tweak some patterns alot anymore mainly to get a better fit or look. I think trust the pattern is more for a technique like turning the heel of a sock or shaping.
The worst that happens is you frog back and go back to the pattern if your “fix” doesn’t work.

Oh I was hoping you’d say that!! Thanks so much! :hug:

I agree with Plantgoddess+ :thumbsup:

I agree. I think there has to be a balance between “trust the pattern” and “read your knitting and trust yourself”. :slight_smile: