Q. about GAAA-Rainey sweater

I posted this in the General forum since that’s where this thread originated from and thought I’d better try doing it here too…

[COLOR=blue]Hi there, I am starting my second square and was hoping someone would see this thread and help me out.

I’ve finished the body and am starting the right sleeve. I’m not sure how much I can post about this pattern since it isn’t free, so I’m not sure what to write. I’ll try this, basically when it says to Beg charts A & B: Row 1. I get the first sentence of working the 12 sts, but after that I get completely lost. From what they write it seems like I don’t need to do Chart C, which makes no sense because then you don’t get the purled row after you do the cable in chart B.

This makes no sense unless you have the book. Can anyone help me? Can anyone tell me how much I can type without doing something illegal here?? Please?[/COLOR]

I have the book and have made the square, so let me see if I can help.

The shaded part of Chart B are the purls. So the chart does have the purl before the cable.

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this Ingrid, but I’m still confused. :aww:
When I was saying about the purls after doing the cable in row 3, I meant in chart C for rows 1 & 3 those are purls rows for when I did the body of the sweater, but doing the sleeve it doesn’t call for me to do chart C. So when I tried it 4 times last night and ripped it out 4 times last night :roll: I looked on the RS and didn’t notice the cabled part that I had knit.
I’m sure I’m overthinking this as I’ve done several times with this square. I just wish she had written it out better than just the few lines of “in other words” that she did write out. I can read charts just fine but I think it’s the way she words things that gets my brain tied in knots. So I put it down for a while and knit the backround square and keep going back and the other 2 times I had to do that it worked and I re-read it right the 3rd time, but this time it’s not helping. I know I’m reading it correctly it’s just not clicking for me.
BTW, since I have you (bless you), it calls to do the inc 4 times for a total of 16 sts and to do it on the RS in the 4th row. But the 4th row is the WS, so do I do the inc at the start of row 1?

If any of this made sense (I know it didn’t really) I thank you for your help.

When you work the ‘sleeves’ for the little sweater, you’re working in the double seed stitch form the main part with the half cable running along the edge. You’re not using Chart C at all.

When you look at Chart B:

Row 1 = p k k k k
Rpw 2 = p p p p k
Row 3 = p, RC over 3 stitches, k
Row 4 = p p p p k

Does that help? The shaded stitches are P on RS and WS on WS. The white boxes are K on RS and P on WS

Yes, I do understand the shading of the chart, but for some reason I must be doing something wrong. I’ll give it a try again.

What about my inc question at the end of my last post?
[COLOR=green]"…it calls to do the inc 4 times for a total of 16 sts and to do it on the RS in the 4th row. But the 4th row is the WS, so do I do the inc at the start of row 1?"

When you’re working the right sleeve you want to do the increases at the beginning of a right side row, or the end of the ws row, because of where the cable is. I’d just do it on row 5 if you want to do it on a rs row. It’s not as if anyone is wearing it, ya know?

When you do the increases for the left sleeve, you can either do them at the beginning of the wrong side row or and the end of row 5 on the right side.