Q about circular knitting

Hello, I’m knitting a pattern on circular needles. I have cast on 232 stitches but have already had to start over once, b/c I twisted my stitches on my second or third row. How can I not twist stitches in the beginning? Is there any secret or tip that I could do to avoid it. Because I have to cast on so many stitches, it’s getting bunchy and that’s why it’s twisting. Help! Thanks!!

I sit at my dining room table while I knit the first 2 or 3 rows and lay my knitting out flat with all the stitching pointing one way (if it’s knitting in the round I point all the done stiches to the middle).

Hope this helps Crossed Fingers

Right now Iam using circular needle knitting an afghan. Because I have over 200 stitches on the needle,I find that the stitches twist. So when I cast on I cast the stitches on a straight needle. Then if they twist , I can correct the twist Do this before joining the knitting and it may help you

So, should I knit a row or 2 on straight needles then transfer it to circular needles? Also, I’m thinking about doing a slingshot caston, which may help a bit too.

I don’t think you can easily put over 200 sts on a straight needle. It doesn’t matter if they twist when you’re knitting flat on a circ, so long as they’re not when you go to join. So you might try casting on to the circ and knitting flat a row or 2, then join.

So I should use one straight needle and one circular needle, right? Cast on to the circ, then use the straight to knit the first row? thanks!

You don’t have to use the straight needle, you can knit flat on a circ. CO, then instead of joining, put the end with the yarn strand into your left hand and work a row as if you were knitting with straights.

If you’re sure your sts were not twisted when you joined your round, it doesn’t really matter if they twist after they’re joined. Hope that makes sense. Once you have several rows done and have some weight, they will stay untwisted. Again, only if you joined when they were untwisted. I may be wrong, but that’s always been the case for me.

When I have a lot of sts and know I will have trouble keeping them easily untwisted before joining, I fix them with clips or even clothes pins if that’s all I have.

Ok! Then after the first row, go to knitting in the round? Thanks and sorry for being slow about this.

Wellll, there’s twisting and there’s twisting. It sounds like knit4pie may be talking about that they look twisted as they go around the circle, and yes, that’s not a problem, they will “straighten out” as you acquire more fabric length. But if they twist at the join, then that IS a problem. I would cast on leaving a tail of several inches. Then knit flat (on the circs-- just treat them as 2 straights; really, it works) for maybe 6 rows, and THEN join them. You’ll have enough knitted to be able to keep track of whether or not you’ve twisted it. You [U]will[/U] get a split at the join if you do it this way. But later, take that tail, and go back and just stitch it up like the mini-seam it is.

Sometimes they’ll twist while you’re doing the first round though, and you don’t notice it when you start the second one.