Q About Binding Off

I have decreased my bag!!! :cheering:

I somehow ended up with 11 st in one section however I’m not going to belabour that fact … I’m just glad I got this far and only frogged 3 times …

Ok for my decrease I did the *K10, slip marker, slip two stitches as if to knit one at a time insert LH needle into front sts from L to R and knit these two st together (SSK). Knit to two sts before next marker, K2tog , K10, then repeat from *. Continue until there are 10 st between each marker.

Now it says to:
Bind off round:
K10, BO 40 st.
Begin flat garter stitch knitting, knit 10 ridges (20 rows)
Loosely bind off these 20 st.

[color=red]How do you bind off? Is there a video?[/color]

Turn the bag inside out. match corners of flap to decreasing lines on other side and sew up.

I am using 5.0 24" circular needles … will I need to get this onto a 16" or DPN?


Bind off video

Begin [color=red]flat [/color]garter stitch knitting, knit 10 ridges (20 rows)

At this point you knit flat, so you can use the needles you have been, just knitting back and forth rather than in the round.

I love the yarn you used. what is it?

It’s Patons SWS (soy wool stripes) … I got it at Michael’s and plan to get more … I love it … it comes in some great self striping colors, this is natural earth … someone else on the forum used it for a scarf … it’s 70% wool …



I like the Natural Earth color. Someday when I find a Michael’s I may get a couple skeins for an entrelac scarf. They don’t have any in my state, so will have to wait until I go on a road trip. Driving about 200 miles for it just doesn’t quite make sense…


You can buy it online at Joann’s. http://www.joann.com/catalog.jhtml?CATID=88320&PRODID=171677

At $8/skein, plus shipping!!! Really not worth it for two skeins - that’s an awfully expensive scarf…


Wow, it’s usually cheaper in the US and I pay $7. a skein here … my bag is turning out so nicely that I went yesterday and got four skeins of the blue for another bag … I plan to make a shawl from my mom from it and figure it will take about 8 balls.


Toby, it can be found cheaper in some stores, especially during a sale or with a coupon. But Joann’s online price is $7.99. I bet the regular price less than that in the store; Michael’s carries it for about $7. No store near me carries this Paton’s yarn; Hobby Lobby has their Katrina and some foo foo yarns and that’s about it.


Unfortunately the only store near me that carries it is Michaels at $7.00 a ball … if I were to get it online it would come from the US and I’d have to pay shipping so wouldn’t save any with the exchange … I watch for the Michaels coupons but since I’ve taken up knitting I haven’t seen any that could apply to yarn.


Ok here I am finally at the bottom of my bag … done all the decreasing and had help from Dangles for binding off … now am doing the bottom flap …

Bind off round:
K10, BO 40 sts. (struggled but I managed).

Begin flat garter stitching knitting, knit 10 ridges (20 rows).
Loosely bind off these 20 sts.

Here is the bottom part of the bag taken from the RS … I am thinking I have 9 rows on this side so 18 rows yet I have only put on 15 … shouldn’t it be square when I’m done?


I watch for the Michaels coupons but since I’ve taken up knitting I haven’t seen any that could apply to yarn.

Don’t they have some for 40% off one item? You could get 1 skein per week…


They may have … I’ve just never seen any … I didn’t even know about coupons until about a week ago … you can’t get them from the paper or online so have to ask at the store … I only found out because a woman in front of me asked about coupons, apparently they come out weekly but not always for yarn … 40% would be a great saving but since I don’t get to Michaels that often I usually get several balls when I go … they don’t have very many in the one dye lot, sometimes I have to go to 2-3 Michaels before I get enough to complete a project.